FTTH & GEPON Products

FTTH (Fiber To The Home) is the idea of bringing high-speed networking, digital television and telephone service to residences using fiber optic cabling infrastructure.

A passive optical network (PON) is a point-to-multipoint, fiber to the premises network architecture in which unpowered optical splitters are used to enable a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises, typically 16-128. A PON consists of an optical line terminal (OLT) at the service provider's central office and a number of optical network units (ONUs) near end users. A PON reduces the amount of fiber and central office equipment required compared with point-to-point architectures. A passive optical network is a form of fiber-optic access network. Downstream signals are broadcasted to all premises sharing multiple fibers. Encryption can prevent eavesdropping. Upstream signals are combined using a multiple access protocol, usually time division multiple access (TDMA)

Finosel having a complete range of FTTH (Fibre To The Home) and GEPON cabling infrastructure products including fibre optic backbone cables, indoor fiberoptic flat cables, passive splitter, patch cords, pigtails, wall mount boxes, etc. to make a reliable high performance FTTH and GEPON network infrastructure.